GULF VET is a multidisciplinary veterinary private entity serving local clienteles base through its veterinary services and products. Tracing back over 100 years ago, the family business was founded by the late Ali Almadhoob in 1911, Initiated and was involved in livestock trading in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Initial interest grew over raising poultry and dairy cows.

Aside, Hamza Ali Almadhoob ventured in veterinary medicines trading and established Bahrain veterinary center in 1994 which its core focus was on veterinary vaccines, medicines, and farming equipment’s. In 2012, Mohamed Hamza Almadhoob established GULF VET in Kingdom of Bahrain with reliance on expansion its business fortitudes to deal with the technical and medical aspect of the business around GCC. At the present, GULF VET has many exclusive agreements with international companies and GULF VET team trained for any veterinary technical related circumstances which has since sustained and grew to the trusted name we know today.

Agriculture aside, Almadhoob Trading Group of Companies ventured also into importing livestock animals specially broiler chicks, large animals, horses then eventually sourcing and selling high quality feeds to ensure optimum all round animal nourishment. ATGC has majorly contributed to the farming sectors by providing the technical and mechanical services throughout Kingdom of Bahrain. Being a multifaceted organization providing a comprehensive range of services extending housing equipment’s, dairy farming and equestrian accessories, ATGC has contributed to the development in the countries agriculture sector as whole.

As the organization progressed and the diverse needs in the local and neighbouring countries increased, ATGC established a group of companies namely Bahrain Veterinary Centre, the group comprises of Al Sabaya Poultry Farm, Gulf Poultry Farm and Almadhoob Large Animals Farm.

Today, GULF VET have around 30 exclusive agreements with international companies. As the need for more quality feed and feed additives.

GULF VET now is well equipped and trained for a wide variety of veterinary medical related needs and holds agency to internationally renowned companies such as CEVA Animal Health, and many other international companies.